The Ghana Trip (Heritage Article)

In 2002 our then Venture Unit became involved with a project run by Ghana Outlook, a Penistone-based charity developing relationships with rural Ghana.

The party visiting Ghana was led by Scout Leaders and Ghana Outlook was created as the result of a visit to Ghana by Penistone Venture Unit.

The trip was part touring and part working with local children on community projects such as building a school.

In the months running up to the expedition there were a number of things that we had to do:

Attend the regular training sessions at the Penistone Community Centre.Raise funds for both the charity to send over to Ghana and for our own travelling costs.Collect items like pens, pencils, notebooks, toys etc.. These were to be boxed up and taken with us as presents for the community that we were helping.

For most of the party visiting Ghana was a life changing experience, certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity for most.

During our visit to Ghana we worked with local people, visited tourist attractions, and took part in community entertainment and ate and drank the same food as local people.

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