Archery as taught in many Scout Groups is a simple “Have-a-Go” with little or no attempt to do anything other than ensure simple range safety. We have always been convinced that this was an activity that we teach to the basic GNAS standard. So, in 1999 we sent our first batch of eight adults on the training course with Barnsley Archery Club to gain a Great National Archery Society (GNAS) qualification in Archery for Community Sports Leader Award (CSLA)..

We aim to treat archery as a skill, rather than a game. Our members will be taught how to fletch arrows, repair damaged equipment and make bow strings, as well as being trained to group arrows neatly.

We train basic archery technique to GNAS standards in bare bow and Olympic shooting with recurve bows. We shoot wherever we can get access to suitable land.  Our move away from a site with neat grass is driving us towards developing a different style of archery, a cross between range archery and field archery.

We now have two locations for archery, both farmland sites, plus a campsite range, and we hope offer Clout and Field Archery as we develop our new resources.

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